Business-focused IoT solutions

EveryWare delivers business-focused IoT solutions covering a range of industry sectors, including Utilities, Consumer Services, Consumer Goods, Healthcare and Industrials. Imagine knowing where your business is losing money. Imagine knowing how to fix it. EveryWare enables you to do exactly that, harnessing the power of real time analysis to identify the inefficiencies that could be costing your enterprise money and allowing you to resolve the issue instantly. This is one step further than Machine to Machine. This is Machine to Person.

Services We Offer


EveryWare works with your business to identify the areas in which you could be losing money.

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Design & UX

We are completely vertically integrated and design and manufacture all of our sensors, casings and Smarthubs in house.

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Application Development

All the data gathered and processed by our sensors and Smarthub is available to monitor on any computer or handheld device.

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We link all aspects of your business; from the frontline, to the regional head office to the global headquarters.

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We can solve the problems that arise before they affect your business through intelligent data monitoring.

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Advice & Guidance

We are always on hand to discuss how you can achieve more...

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