Imagine knowing where your business is losing money and imagine knowing how to fix it. With EveryWare, you can harness the power of real time analysis to identify inefficiencies that could be costing your enterprise money and resolve issues instantly.

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How does EveryWare work?

The process breaks down into three main stages: local sensing, local control via a Smarthub and remote monitoring.

The back-office Smarthub tracks data gathered by sensors in the workspace, which is then synced in real time to a cloud platform for storage.

Management can connect directly to the Smarthub from a remote device anywhere across the globe by using a secure access code to receive a real-time overview of the workspace, broken down by function.
Alerts can be set up to notify management if the sensors detect that pre-determined parameters are exceeded, ensuring that they have complete control at all times.

Why was EveryWare created?

EveryWare was created to stop businesses losing money in areas that are beyond the owner’s direct control.
For example, a business owner may notice certain patterns – such as accidents and overspending – but does not know what is causing this. Unless he/she is on the ground seeing what is going on and what is causing and creating those patterns, he/she can’t fix anything.

EveryWare technology can pinpoint exactly what is causing these accidents and patterns. For example, it can alert the business owner to which factory is leaving the heating or lights on overnight, or which worker is always on shift when accidents are occurring, allowing them to react instantly and rectify the issue remotely.

How is EveryWare unique?

EveryWare technology is personal and simplified. We understand people’s problems and what they need. Our main focus is on simplifying the process for businesses to get the right data in the areas that are costing them money.

We are also entirely vertically integrated. We manufacture the sensors, the software and the interface in house. No outsourcing, no middle man. You can find us all in one place. This makes us nimble and responsive – something that the larger enterprise software providers struggle to be.