21st Century Drug Monitoring

Compliant drug storage

Screen_Shot_2016_10_03_at_16.45.00There is a legislative requirement to store critical medicines within their specified parameters. Moreover, it is imperative that the safe storage can be demonstrated and that only safe products are used.

Equally, any fault or disruption to the storage infrastructure doesn’t automatically render the products beyond safe use. Smart monitoring, reporting and validation afford peace of mind. The efficacy of the drugs can be evidenced.

Broad clinical guidelines indicate that regular, period monitoring by technicians will suffice; often once every 24 hours and often not during weekends and holiday periods.

There are several risks with this approach that can render expensive drugs ineffective and worse still, fail to deliver the anticipated results. A power outage in the early hours or over a weekend may be masked by a reinstatement long before working hours. The damage may already be done if the excessive temperatures have been realised.


The solution is to introduce smart monitoring with remote data logging and alerts. Continuous, electronic monitoring not only captures specific events 24/7 and raise alarms but provides valuable trend data. Battery backup will buffer mains failure without disruption to the monitoring or connectivity. Real time monitoring has clearly shown systematic issues that occur out of working hours and variations within specific refrigerated facilities. Clinical practices will also affect the storage conditions; a feature that is evident from trend data. The effects of prolonged loading and unloading with the refrigerator open shows the impact upon refrigeration temperatures and the extended recovery time to achieve safe storage temperatures when eventually closed. Access to the refrigerators out of prescribed hours may also raise an alert if there is a security concern.


Everware has installed local monitoring systems in hospitals and clinical environments that are capable of tracking a range of critical conditions. Not just in refrigeration units but ambient conditions in key locations may be monitored through a common network. Within treatment, theatre and storage areas the network of wireless devices can track temperature, relative humidity and pressure along with other factors such as controlled access and refrigeration performance.

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The Technology:

Using one or more smart nodes the network covers an infinite area without affecting the existing Wi-Fi capacity.

The nodes can be equipped with one or more types of integrated sensor. Combinations of sensor types may be used across a network.

  • Two channel refrigerator monitors
  • Environmental monitors (Temp, Pressure, Humidity)
  • Motion and location sensors


The wireless solution is quick to install and unobtrusive. New locations and parameters may be added to the monitoring system. Alerts and local switched outputs may be configured quickly and easily to meet changing needs.

Timely intervention may mean the difference between saving and losing valuable drugs. Automated data logging provides compliance data from convenient locations that may be remote from the monitored sites. Multiple locations and diverse parameters may be remotely monitored. Predictive analytics will assist in targeting preventative maintenance and support cost effectively.

Secure, cloud computing ensures that there will always be capacity as demand evolves.

For more information or to arrange a 30 day free trial, simply contact Everyware and we will be pleased to assist you.


“Installing the remote monitors was simple and unobtrusive.

The trend data provides a surprisingly clear insight into the chilled drug-storage and ambient pharmacy conditions. The data monitoring is continuous and can raise alerts if there is a refrigeration failure.

We have asked for the system to be installed at another site; it’s very flexible and can be extended and adapted as we go”.

Alison Williams, Managing Director, SWFT Clinical Services Ltd