…being able to monitor power usage across numerous sites and identifying and rectifying where you are wasting energy and money.

Did you know that one corporate client identified real energy savings of £60,000 a year on heating bills?

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Head Office

A Smarthub at a company’s head office constantly receives data indicating the efficiency that its sites are running at.


Various factors are taken into account to determine if the worksite is running efficiently, with senior staff able to take action instantly if inefficiencies are identified.


Usage of lights throughout workspaces is monitored and on/off times suggested to achieve maximum energy and financial efficiency.


Heating system timings and site temperatures are analysed to identify if any are kept on unnecessarily and wasting energy and money.

Electricity Usage

Power levels of equipment is analysed along with peak energy cost times to determine the best possible time of day to charge machinery.


By monitoring the energy and business process consumption of each area of your business –whether through sensors on different electricity circuits, determining optimal battery charging time, or any of our many intuitive solutions can save you money and create business efficiencies.


  • Better awareness of problem areas with quality data that you can take action on
  • Money saved instantly through smarter use of equipment and utilities
  • Is there a site that consistently forgets to switch off their heating at the weekend? Now you’ll know. 
  • Is energy cheaper for battery charging at a certain time of day? Now you can ensure your operations run as efficiently as possible. An intelligent monitoring system can determine the optimum time to switch on a process.
  • Improved efficiency and reduced energy output. In short – your business will be both leaner and greener.