…being able to intervene before safety limits are exceeded.

Did you know that 25% of construction incidents in the workplace could be prevented?


EveryWare provides real-time reporting on incidents when – or even before – they happen.  This can be through tandem lifting, tilt or collision sensors or tracking workers with user log-in functions on machinery.

As an example, by monitoring individual drivers, EveryWare is able to feedback to supervisors which drivers are the most reliable, qualified and authorised to drive equipment or complete tasks or which drivers need more training. This will save supervisors time and companies money as they no longer have to spend as much resource on manual assessment, in turn reducing the risk of accidents in the workplace.


  • Help you meet legal compliance under RIDDOR and HSE legislation
  • Predictive analysis so that can accidents can be reduced and prevented before they happen
  • Promoting a safety culture internally
  • Reducing costs from manual assessments and monitoring of workforce skillsets
  • Allows for faster response times as data can be monitored and acted on quickly