...reducing the amount of drug wastage due to poor refrigeration.

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Pharmaceutical companies can produce the right amount of product based of usage levels.

GP Surgeries

Surgeries and trusts are able to monitor the temperature of their drugs in the refrigerator and react instantly should parameters be broken.

Refridgeration Levels

Refrigeration systems are monitored constantly, allowing staff to respond instantly if parameters have been broken.

Quality Control

Constant monitoring of refrigeration and the ability to react instantly minimises the amount of wastage caused by medicine being spoiled by high temperatures.

Patient Care

The cost savings made by reducing wastage can be channeled back into the healthcare system, improving overall patient care.


The easy monitoring of temperatures makes it much easier to comply with the strict legislation imposed by health bodies.


An incredible amount of drugs are thrown away by pharmaceuticals companies, health trusts and GP surgeries due to refrigeration problems. In the event of a rise in temperature or a power outage, medical staff must dispose of drugs in case of spoilage. This represents a tremendous waste of money.
EveryWare technology enables remote data monitoring and intervention for pharmaceutical and food storage. Temperature can be continuously monitored and spoilage can be significantly reduced by enabling rapid response to any issues.

Elsewhere in the medical sector, there are currently people employed purely to check the levels of each and every hand sanitiser dispenser in hospitals. EveryWare sensors can monitor levels constantly, alerting someone when it needs to be refilled and allowing for the redistribution of staff priorities or suppliers.


  • Money saved by GP surgeries and health trust through proper refrigeration of medicines
  • Money saved by pharmaceuticals companies through proper refrigeration 
  • Money saved by pharmaceuticals companies by not having to pre-emptively over-produce product to compensate for GP and trust wastage
  • Quality of patient care increases as a result of cost savings throughout the medicine supply chain
  • Meets legislation